Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Spring in the air

I used to love that song, I know it,s cheesy, the version I remember was by the flying pickets. "Spring in the air, there's magic everywhere"

Life here on the island just seems to have a much nicer feel, blossom on the tree, flowers blooming, green everywhere. For us as a team it feels like we have entered a new season people heads are lifting upwards and our focus is definetly clearer as to the way forward. Time to think about the summer teams and also just checking out with God for new and creative ways to reach out the people on this island. We are all feeling quite challenged about the sex workers on the island and just praying about creative, sensitive and effective ways for reaching these girls. Thoughts and prayers on a postcard please!

Our Prayer Room is nearly painted and then it will be time to put the furniture in and make it look groovy, every where has needed 3 coats of white paint! which has been fun.

This time next week we also move house which puts us right at the heart of where we work, it's close to our base but also quiet and a nice place to chill.

So here's to new seasons, I love them. I am interested to see what grows and curious to observe the new blooms that will sprout for us all here.

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