Sunday, March 19, 2006

White Tigers, Zorro, Risk and Sunshine.

Well, what a weekend, it's nice having been away to spend a great weekend with the family. Friday night we went to the circus, it was superb, if not slightly politically incorrect, Rhinos, crocodiles, elephants, clowns, trapeze artists, motorbikes,tigers and a magician. The whole thing ended up with a guy parading a white tiger! No cages no apparent cruelty. Ellis and Dan had a photo taken with a baby tiger! I don't like the animal side of it I would rather see them in the wild. Followed up with a McDonald's hadn't had one for months I know why I don't like them but they are so wrong they are right!

Saturday, cleaned windows, swept the yard, watched "The legend of Zorro" with the boys, who had a friend over. Finished off the evening playing "RISK" with Steve and Dawn friends who are part of the team out here. Went to bed late.

Slept in got up took the dog for a walk with the boys by the Mediterranean. Got home it's so hot, Ellis and Dan jumped in our pool and then in about an hour we have the whole team over for our twice a month community meal, just got the radio tuned in to Virgin FM and listening to "Sweet home Alabama" by Leonard Skinnard! Great track for a sunny day. There will be 10 of us around the table today, when we came about this time last year there where just the 4 of us so we feel we are moving in the right direction, will discuss sofas over lunch!!!! I'll keep you posted.

I used to wonder how people made the time to blog? But it is nice and easy, especially for me as we don't have any TV! I like it because it causes you to reflect and think about life and today life is good.

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