Friday, May 19, 2006

Brief adventure with my wife

Don't get excited or scared by the title.

Last night i ditched the collar and Tracy and myself went down the westend! Amazing really, we decided we would only go in one bar whatever took our fancy. So we ended up in a seedy little British bar. We bumped into a girl there who used to be part of our youth congregation back in England. Weird or what! or should I say God or what. Anyway this girl is going to be living out here has been for 4 summers and works at a very nice restaurant. She's thinking about staying on this winter. Fantastic.

Think about it, the most pubs, bars per this square mile in the whole of europe and we bump into her!!! Didn't Humphrey Bogart say something like that in "Casablanca"

Then she asks do you ever hear from Steve and Dawn, whom she really likes, the only people she mentions from the UK! and they happen to have moved out here 7 months ago to plant this work with us..scary

Another thing people didn't recognise me without the collar, so it was nice to just feel like a brit abroad for a while. Although we still managed to chat with a few people about what we are doing. Right now we are just building relationships with these people. It's all fun we love the messy-ness

It was so nice to be out with Tracy I think sometimes people think because I am the talker and the one who wears the collar, it's all about me. Actually it's not, it's us the 4 of us and also the wonderful team. As a group this will happen but not through any one individual.

We do not play this game alone.

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