Monday, May 08, 2006


Been thinking about church and a lot of the alternative thinking I hear about church. Had a thought "what if God doesn't want are comfortable middle class churches to change, what if He is happy with this particular expression of his community and body here on earth" why is there so much thought and literary energy put into trying to change what already exists.

Why don't all the frustrated people who are in the background communicating their displeasure and frustration about the way church is going, just get out and start their own churches?

They have enough tools, people, books and resources to make it happen, so why don't they just get on with it? they don't need permission they just need to do it with grace and gentleness.

Are we expending to much energy trying to change our existing churches whilst outside it doors the world is still lost?

I think God sometimes must think "can't you guys get your heads out of your asses and get on with the mission I have tasked you with?"

I enjoy reading all the new books and extending my thinking, in many ways I enjoy it more than ever because I really feel that the best way to express our new thoughts and different ways of doing things is in a missional context. So to me these books are liberating and don't frutrate me, they help make sense of how we are living here in Ibiza.

I keep coming back to the thought, why try and turn around a ship that isn't sinking, most of the people in it are going to heaven so why get so stressed about changing it,God loves it, let it be.

We need more churches, different forms of church but we must move away from an either or mentality, lets have lots of different expressions and then hopefully we can reach more people with the gospel, which to me is the name of the game.


Adrian Eagleson said...

here, here - too much 'emerging church' thought is aimed at those with an intellectual, educational and philosphical bias. what is important love God, love others!

Crys said...

The best thing I've read all day... imagine respecting difference in the Christian community. We might actually reflect some love and joy in the church, and there is the added bonus that all the mod's and postmod's can party together-a cool yet slightly frightening thought:)

Don said...

Fantastic Brian. Great challenge. I think about guys in my demographic all the time and often wonder could I help create a place for them to express their obvious faith. You've got me thinking. I linked your blog and Adrians comments to mine today to see what people thought. You might like the pic I posted too. Dog Collar? You gonna share pics

Karen said...

you take all the fun out of complaining brian...sheesh. thanks a lot. hmm... what to do... what to do. be jaded or be a light. i don't know which to pick.

J-Mac said...

Yeah that rings true..Many of the 'emerging church' books that I've read have given me some hope for the church, at least they are aware of culture and embracing the fact that it's changing more rapidly than ever. At the same time they were making me feel angry every time I went to my own church. I guess I haven't found the balance yet.

(on the Bruce Springsteen thing...soul is more important to me than cool!)