Thursday, June 29, 2006

Huge Cockroach

It's very hot here, I was just about to write a deep and meanful blog when I saw a huge cockroach scuttle across the living room floor. I have just sprayed the room and I can here it dying somewhere in the room but can't find it to put it out of it's misery.

Maybe it deserves a slow death.

I'm worried now, there may be more it's 1.10am. I'll spray the room again and find the dead and dying in the morning.

We have visitors staying with us, this isn't good.


Kirk Bartha said...


Sheena said...

ewwwwwwwwww! thank God there are no roaches in portland. northern rainforest climet has its ups. i'll trade slugs for roaches any day!

Anonymous said...

we have mice. they are not as sweet as they sound when you find them looking up at you from the inside of a cereal box at midnight.

however they are now nuked with a man and a lot of boxes of poison.

the mice - not the man...altho ...

should you like some advice on how to deal with your roach problem, i am your woman.

my pest controller couldn't seem to help himself but discuss in detail all 14 long and seemingly thrilling years of experience on every kind of problem encountered and all solutions, only possibly solved - by himself and a lot of poison of course in
"the extermination industry" ..unfortunately...zzzzzz


Brian Heasley said...

I'd rather have mice than roaches my dog would kill mice, he just plays with the roaches! Any good advice would be welcome, although this 27 degree night heat does not really help!

Anonymous said...

aah, i didn't promise good advice - only advice ...

1 thing you could do is fly my pest controller over to ibiza as he did seem to feel he was indispensible to all pest issues.

the second thing that did stick in my head - for obvious reasons was the fact that he only uses a product called "goliath" for roaches - never sprays because the only way of effectively ridding yourself of them - so he said is to go for their growth cycle.

i did warn you - it wasn't a gripping time in his company - but extremely informative ay???

and i must say at the time i was asking a fair few questions - tho not as many as my mother - who lives in africa most of the time - and i eventually had to rugby tackle away - she was utterly gripped!!

xxx samie x

Brian Heasley said...

Samie, you need to come out and hand over all the info in person. We'd love to see you guys again.