Thursday, June 08, 2006


I love people, the last week I have spent loads of time with friends. Hanging out and doing stuff, talking planning, scheming.

Had a mad night Sunday, went to Hillsongs London which is about as far removed from what we are doing here in ibiza as you could imagine. 2000 young people all getting into some very professional music and fantastic presentation. A great preacher who had written 7 books and done loads of other stuff.

I don't know what it was but although it looked like a massive Delirious concert it just didn't feel right.

Having had time to think further I believe it is VALUES. As i have said before I have nothing against different expressions of church. Style should not define our differences but values do. I used to use a statement that I really like "You value what you do and do what you value"

We shouldn't fall out over values but they will exert influence over the type of church we are seeking to build. I believe that within the Christian world we have two types of values: actual values and perceived values.

An actual values is if we believe in something and practice it
A perceived value is if we believe in something but don't actually practice it.

Is evangelism an actual value or perceived value within the church?
Is prayer and actual value or percieved value within the church?
The same goes for Justice, Mission, Community, Bible, Accountability, Giving.

I want to be real, I want to live a life of actual values not perceived values, this is the challenge of my faith; to move beyond words to deeds.

Mr Deeds, great film.

How do I do that without beating myself up or should I beat myself up, Paul did! well not literally but he beat his body into submission. Is there room for that "no pain no gain" type of spirituality within post modern culture?

As usual more questions than answers.

As an aside they have opened a new lap dancing club in the west end called SIN, I am thinking about going with Tracy. Would Jesus have gone?

saying that we probably need to pray for a God opening into that specific culture rather than trying to force it.

An intentional missional lifestyle, I believe that is becoming more of an actual value in my life.


Billy Kennedy said...

Hi Brian

There's a report of a visit to Hillsongs on I couldn't believe how similar it was to our visit. Also, a very funny piece called 'Hello Pastor'.

Billy Kennedy said...

That's shipoffools - forgot the 's'.

Kirk Bartha said...

B, I think you are on to something with value vs perceived value... the idea of ever seeing but never perceiving. Vision is in the eyes and Perception is in the brain. When Jesus healed the blind man by touching him twice I think the guy could see 20-20 after the first touch... but his brain couldn't interpret what he was seeing properly. His brain needed to engage the images properly. I may be reading too much into it.... :) I have to do more research on recent cataract patients who have had surgury and been healed and received 20-20 vision and yet can't see properly because their brain function controlling vision has been diminished through the long period lack of sight.

I do think that naming a value is the first step to actually doing something. Naming something of value is like putting a nail in the wall to hang a beautiful peice of art. If you don't hang something on the nail your wall is going to look awful covered in all those nails...

James' idea of not merely listening to the word and being self-decieved... but doing what that Word says.

Nothing worse than being willingly self-deceived.

praying with and for you.

Brian Heasley said...

Thanks Kirk I appreciate all that. Worth looking into further.