Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Last week we climbed to the highest point in Ibiza, well I say climbed, we drove up! It was 5.am and pitch black. We took the boys and the team so 11 of us sat on some rocks feeling cold in the wind and watching the sky change colour. It took longer than we expected, we eat some food and just talked.

Then we broke bread and drank wine together, David played gently on a guitar and as i finished with a little prayer the sun popped out over the clouds.

We sat in silence as David played gently (no words) and watched the sun announce itself upon the day. It was so moving, many of us were in tears, others just sat in awe, the boys were still, nature breathed and pulsated with beauty.

Personally it was one of the most beautiful worship times I have ever had the chance to experience. In His vastness God felt so close.

The heavens delcare the glory of the risen Lord.

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Ellis & Dan said...

I like your Blogspot very much from dan your son.

Ellis & Dan said...

i was very fun and cold i thought it was wicked from ellis

Karen said...

priceless... love it.

Carla said...

Wow, the photos look amazing. I had a similar dawn experience on the Greek island of Rhodes a few weeks ago talking to a drunk Catholic about the Holy Spirit as the sun broke the hills. God is good, you're not bad either Brian ;) xc