Monday, July 10, 2006


Sorry for the lack of blogging, I have been a little busy. Just got back from England a few hours ago. I had a great time a the 24-7missions gathering called transmission. As always with these things you wish you had more time to give everyone rather than just snippets. This is a price we pay for living abroad not a large price but a price. Well in 2 hours time I go and pick up our next 24-7 team and then we have 5 teams solidly until the beginning of September!

I met loads of the guys and in all honesty thought they were all great, it scares and humbles me that people would want to give up two weeks of there summer to be here.

I did a little talk at Transmission this morning on evangelism here are my headers.

1: We are all weak
(read this blog you'll understand)
2: Our stories are just highlights
(In a 30 min talk I will tell the best bits about the last 18 months! but a lot of my life is boring)
3: Models are myths
( the models we read about are normally the product of someones stumbling journey written in hindsight)
4: Live a responsive lifestyle
(the opposite to following a model, respond to the spirit)
5: Evangelism as Dance
(from the book "More ready than you realise, evangelism as dance in the post modern matrix" by Brian McLaren)
6: Relationship. relationship, relationship.
(enough said, relationship driven not results driven)
7: Sit at tables
(eat with anybody, when was the last time your reputation got called into account because of the company you keep? It happened to Jesus)
8: Serve
(all the time, especially when no one is looking)
9: Take time
(don't walk by, always have time for others)
10: Be prophetic
(prophecy is best practiced outside the walls of the church)
11: Always be present
(be present in culture, don't worry about being relevant, we aren't!)
12: Always pray
(always pray)

Don't worry I didn't spend 10 minutes on each point.

Anyway it's good to be back, 10.28pm 29 degrees! I love this place. Tracy and the boys met me at the airport they also brought my dog. We are now going to eat the weetabix, cheddar cheese, cadbury's chocolate and syrup pudding that I brought back with me.

If you want to unpack any of my points I will.


Carlos said...

I have nothing to say.

lisa said...

I have something to say :-) I like these 12 points and have sent them round to some of my friends already. Yea, I'd like to have them unpacked. I especially like We are all Weak, Models and Myths, Be Prophetic, and Be Present. But I'd be happy to hear you on all of them.

cherry in ibiza? said...

hi brian. you don't know me. i came to ibiza to talk to you/God okayed it. But then (although God knew this) you were not there. I still had a good time, as always. and i'd still like to talk to you, i just don't know how to contact you apart from this. Just about what you're doing and if...what i can do? maybe :) would be great to hear from you. thank you, i know you're busy. cherry.

Brian Heasley said...

cherry we where here, I have just sent you an email apologising because i thought I had replied to you! really sorry to have missed, email me again, lets talk. Peace and love

Cindy said...

I would love for you to unpack your points.

jenelle said...

yes yes yes. I vote that you unpack that 'be prophetic' bag, please. I missed all of your saucy talks at transmission, but my italy team couldn't stop talking about how much they appreciated your authenticity. lisa b. made sure I knew about your bloggy. unpack your bags, please!