Friday, August 18, 2006


Had great walk yesterday along the harbour wall, it was good just to get out and think. It was windy day so on one side of the wall there were waves and general choppy conditions yet in the harbour it was calm.

I started to think about when is it good to be out at sea and when is iot good to be in the harbour. At the moment my life feels like it is out in the wild at sea, and I find it very life giving, invigorating and fun. But I need to get into the harbour from time to time to clear the krap off and dry out. You pick up stuff at sea that can cling to you a bit and needs scraping off. A good boat that gets into the harbour a lot can last a long time, if I try to spend all my life at sea I will burn out. If I have regular times in the harbour I can live like this for ages.

So I am sitting in tonight just watching TV, Enemy at the Gate in Spanish, chilling. Had some good God time earlier and won't go out on the west end again until Sunday night.

This life we lead here is good, but I mustn't get sucked into the mentality of always needing to be at sea.

So it's been a chilled but busy summer so far and I feel God just gave me a gentle little prod to keep me coming back to him. So tonight I am in my own little personal harbour, out of the waves and enjoying the calm.


lisa said...

Now I wouldn't find Enemy at the Gate very relaxing--more stress inducing for the likes of me! Blessings on you all as you find the rhythm of work and rest. It's not an easy thing to work out I've discovered.

tlc said...

The majority of crap on the hull of boats grows when they are idle. Cleaning it off helps you move faster when at sea.

In harbour you clean, rest, restock and refuel.

Ok. I am anal. And I grew up sailing. Blame the Padgett for me finding your blog.