Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ireland calling

I probably need to drop back a year with the story.

1987, I had been expelled from college for general indiscipline and drunkenness then got a number of jobs. My first job only paid £37 per week! I had to keep my Saturday job on a market stall in Romford selling girls shoes just to make ends meet.

I then landed a great job with some friends, I became trainee works manager of a company that only had 3 employees but was going somewhere, it now has over 80. Good job with loads of potential. They were really nice people to work with. Good pay and I even got a bankcard and cheque book, which is cool when you are 17.

Woke up one August it was a bank holiday Monday, the first one in August.

Well I walked into Grays town centre I was feeling a bit flat, and started talking to a friend called Joe, Joe was year older than me he was black Rastafarian with the top of his hair bleached white, I was a slightly skinnier version of who I am now.

I said to Joe “do you fancy going somewhere?” He said “where?” I said “lets go to Ireland” he said “alright.” So I went straight home got my chequebook and a carrier bag with some clothes in it, he went home found an old tent he had in his garage and then we both got on a train.

His mum was a hippy so she was very chilled, gave us £10 and a camera, and said “see you later.”

I didn’t tell anyone that I was leaving, this proved to very stressful to my dad as I was only 17, we just jumped on the train that afternoon and went.

To this day I am not overly sure why I did it!

My job was good and my future looked bright but something in me just clicked. Possibly I felt trapped or maybe just needed some space. My mum had been dead six years maybe I was still working that through. Council flats can feel like boxes especially when there are 7 of you in a small 3 bedroom one. I couldn’t cope with my step mum she had a hard job to replace my mum, actually an impossible job. I was from Ireland and had lost touch with my roots; Ireland could have been calling me!

Not sure, 19 years on and still not sure?


jonah said...


Karen said...

Ireland will always be in your bones...
I love that about folks from Ireland. They stay true to their roots no matter where they live.

indya said...

I'm more Irish than you.


Brian Heasley said...

Indya noe thats an irish name! unlike Brian of course