Monday, August 21, 2006

Wireless West End

Just worked out if i sit in the window of the coffee shop opposite our prayer room, I get our 24-7 wireless. Which is nice I am now sipping, coffee and eating a nice pimiento empenada. Life is good, i have worked out I say this a lot, that is because it's true. We have our last team here so only two weeks left of our intense program. It's been amazing, praying with about 1000 people who don't yet profess to be christians. Beyond our wildess expectations. One of our team who really struggled working in the west end at the beginning of the summer, decribed it last week as beautiful, I tend to agree.

People really do appear to be open to blessing not selling. Very few people respond negatively when we offer prayer and more often than not this leads to great conversations. We have made friends and established our brand.

Someone said to me via email after visiting " Your logo is great and works beautifully. You all wear it well around the West End and it raises awareness, gets people to stop and talk, puts you out

But your brand is a different thing altogether and this is what sets you
apart from all of the other logos in the West End. I don't need to tell you
that it speaks of love, grace, compassion, courage, humility, sober clarity,
friendship, spiritual depth, and prayerfulness, of course (to name but a

It seemed, from what I could see, that both the logo and the brand were
working very effectively in tandem. And the brand, when used in conjunction
with the Ibiza brand, is intriguingly powerful."

The other night we met 3 guys dressed as Superman, Spiderman and Batman who all wanted prayer! When Fiona asked if she could pray for them on the street they all said yes, and then knelt down, it was great. 3 super heroes kneeling for prayers in the West End, how surreal is that.

One of our girls prayed for a guy and when she finished he said "you must be a f**king mind reader" her prayer was so spot on for his life.

Another guys asked "can you save me" we said no but pointed him in the right direction and prayed with him.

A scottish lad who we talked to, said "my best freind is a christian and she told me God was going to get on my case in Ibiza, and now I have met with you lot!" needless to say we prayed with him.

One worker came to us in tears asking for prayer because she had no money for food, we prayed with her and bought her food.

I could go one but hopefully you get the idea, we are hardly having to approach people, we just get stopped.

I look at these 1000 prayer request that we have written out and hardly know what to do with them. Any suggestions? possibly compile them so people can pray for the people throughout the year.

Life is good the west end is beautiful.


Donuts said...

I luv reading your stuff on here and this one is really exciting, praying with people the way you do. Suggestions for what to do with so many perayer requests? Perhaps you could publish them somewhere so we at home could join your work more effectively, actually praying for some of the people you meet. Or you could just give us a few names and needs to pray through.

Cindy said...

I would love to join you in praying for all the requests. I agree perhaps posting them somewhere might aid in others being able to join in.