Thursday, October 19, 2006


My friend Jonah sent a number of us an email this week about our ecological footprint. I found it a little disturbing, if everyone lived like me we would need 5.1 planets. I tried to justify it by saying it’s because of the amount of air travel I do but does that make it right?

What’s you score? Check it out if everybody lived liked you what affect would that have on the worlds ecology Earth Day Footprint Quiz?

Also whilst looking on Resa's blog She had this great link to this great thing by Ben Coleman the Ben and Jerry’s guy, even for a non-American, I found it quite interesting. Have a look a this cool animated video. What do you Americans think?

Darfur is Dying

And finally MTV's internet-based Darfur Is Dying, which went online earlier this year and had 700,000 players in its first month. You get the chance to experience life as a refugee in Western Sudan, I think this is a great new way to raise awareness about areas of injustice around the planet.
Since this game has been up and running tens of thousands of players have sent e-mail messages to politicians to urge action over Darfur.

Please visit this site Darfur is dying

Anyway hope life is good, if you’re bored at work these sites should keep you busy for a while.

When I was in Kwazulu Natal they had a word I am not sure if I have spelt it right but it was “simunye” it means “we are one”. This planet is ours and we are linked to others on it. Hopefully these sites will help in our understanding of issues, maybe get us to change the way we live and if you’re the praying type, fuel your prayers.


Pastor Phil said...

Love your blog Brian and admire you're work. Keep her lit for the kingdom.

jonah said...

Mine score was 1.5. Still not great. We have got to do something about airtravel.

I watched the flash movie. It's very well done and I was impressed with how they were able to simplify a very complex subject. However, in simplifying it, they also show a VERY one sided story. The slant is very liberal and does not reflect a "true majority" of the American people (who are mostly conservative and would not agree with the solutions put forth by the ice cream man).

The solution offered is fundamentally flawed in that its premise of throwing more money at social problems will somehow fix them. This has NEVER worked in the history of the US and I seriously doubt that it ever will. The problems are much deeper and much more complex than that.

Having said that, I'm probably more liberal than most. I'd have the defense budget cut by half, not just 10 percent.

scotty said...

well I managed to wipe out the whole family trying to collect water... felt really awful.
then i tried the footprint thing and despite my very best efforts I still need 1.8 earths. gutted and depressed now thanks Brian :(

dave wiggins said...

some interesting stuff there. initially i got pist off at America but what am i doin? gurning about tesco ...

Phil Evans said...

I got 3.4 planets. My total footprint is 6.1