Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A blank page

Just going back to a few thoughts I had recently. You know when we decided to move to Ibiza our lives were real good back in the UK, good job, great friends, fantastic church, family close by, beautiful location, nice house and generally a real feeling of comfort.

But I guess at the back of both our minds there was a question: There must be more than this?

Not a question borne out of dissatisfaction or frustration, just an inner hunger for something more.

Can we get stuck doing a good thing but it’s not the right thing?

I also think that all our circumstances line up to tell us, to “stay put.” Well we fought the fear and the urge to stay comfortable we went for it and moved here. I know we live on a sunny Mediterranean island but it hasn’t been an easy decision, we left a lot behind, don’t get the violins out, because it has been life giving.

Having changed my perspective, I look back and think what is stopping others from making the big changes that can bring life? I don’t want to be patronizing or come across as “I’ve done it so should you” yet I just can’t help the feeling that there are people who are trapped in a life that is giving them comfort and security but not a sense of life and adventure.

Somewhere in all of us we have these dormant dreams, I feel incredibly lucky that I get to live mine out. I’ve decided to stop living for the “one day”. It’s a syndrome you know “The One Day Syndrome” One day I will go here, One day I will do this, One day I will say that, and I found my ONE DAY’s becoming increasingly about comfort and consuming, One day we will go to Florida, One day I will get an Audi A6, One day we will move to detached house, One day when the kids leave home we will……, One day I’ll retire, etc.

There is nothing the matter with any of these, “One days” I just think they become distractions, I still have One days myself.

What if someone gave you a blank piece of paper and said “here you go, a fresh start, forget the previous drawing, take with you all the skills you learnt whilst doing it but draw a new picture. A picture of how you would like to live your life from now on”

Would it look the same as the life you are living now?

What’s stopping us from drawing new pictures?


Anonymous said...

Well stated, I think that Jesus is calling us to strive for the best and not just settle for the good...I know that has been my experience in moves that we have made for the Lord out of our comfort zone...keep on striving Brian..

Brian in Louisiana

Rach Adlam said...

Risk or adventure? the only difference is our perception...

Warm greetings from Preston, UK...I've only just found your blog and wanted to comment to other people who read it and think 'yes, but can I REALLY do that? It sounds a little bit scary...'

I changed my life all at once, too...left my job, sold my house, put myself through uni and changed my career. Not that that was the plan when I started out.

It's not all easy - but it's been fun! God started changing my circumstances until my fear of the unknowns was outweighed by my dissatisfaction with my situation. At that point it was easy to throw it all up in the air and see how it came down.

The thought that cemented those decisions was simply this: I can make this opportunity. And if I don't take it, I know I will spend the rest of my life wondering what my life would have been like if I had. I'm not up for that.

Don't wonder...find out!

It's not like God will bring you all that way and then say 'Well, I walked with you this far but now you're on your own'...it might not always turn out like you expect, but since when did that put God off His stride? and it is His footsteps we walk in, after all...

blessings on all of you...

Anonymous said...

ever realised if is the middle word of life man.

J-Mac said...

Brian I'm really inspired by your blogs recently especially this one. I'm going to print it out. Keep them flowing mate!