Friday, November 03, 2006

Blog clarity

Once again on this blog journey, I have learnt a little lesson.

Some things are better not said if you can't say them eloquently.

I want to summarise my last two posts better, I have removed one because I felt I was repeating myself.

Yesterdays was slightly biographical and reflected a journey I had personally been on.

1. There are lots of things that can distract us from our primary call which is the lost. John Wimber once said "keep the main thing the main thing"

2. Money can be a big distraction.

3. As a church leader there were moments when I felt trapped by an endless round of responsibilities to people who were already christians. This sometimes drained my time and energy leaving me little to offer to the lost.

4. Church leaders are entrepreneurial beings and often have many ideas and loads of vision, this strength can also be a weakness.

5. I have a passion for Europe.

6. I genuinely feel that if we could somehow see a release of capable men and women into europe to establish new communities we would really make a difference.

I love the church, leadership and life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian
Crystal here. I met you breifly in vancouver at high places- the girl with the living generously stuff. Anyway, I sometimes read your blog and actually really liked the stuff you said on investment- questioning whether this is what we should aspire to? Not saying that investment is wrong but quesitoning it, asking critical questions. I think we should do that more so thanks, even if you do rattle some chains in the process.

Anonymous said...

Brian, i didn't read the other blogs but can see exactly what your saying. It's a journey i'm on too at the moment and i can see very simular points in my understanding of church. our call is to the lost not to doing a whole load of things that we call church but have very little biblical basis for it to actually be that. christian community is important, discipleship is a calling from God and if we don't disciple then our own life dries up and others can't grow into effective missionaries. however the church needs to look at the biblical model and ask important questions about it's perpose on earth.

keep going mate, my time in Ibiza is inspirering me and shaping my ideas for a simular community and perpose in this country (england)!!

also news on a boiler room emerging in Canterbury (very early days at the minute).

Check out my blog (not as active as you on it but some interesting stuff on it i recon) lol.

See Ya

linda said...

Yeah number 3 I can connect with especially. I think we do need to invest in discipling people and oterh things - but I think we spend a lot of time resourcing people who are already resrouced instead of reaching the lost and in maintaining church structures and events which don't seem to benefit anyone other than Christians.

H Kendall said...

Don't worry too much about major clarity Brian. The whole idea of a blog is to let your rants out and for it to be your own online thinking space. If people don't like to see your thoughts they shouldn't read it. You have to take the rough with the smooth.

Bless you brother.