Sunday, November 19, 2006

The week ahead

Tracy is in England this week she will be gone from Monday to Friday, doing accounts for the church I used to lead and also for her dads business. Not my idea of a fun time away!!

Anyway, I've got to hold it all together back here, Tracy does it so well when I am away, but I know I am not as together around the home. The name of the game is to plan ahead. So I will just have to make sure I am switched on. School runs, cooking meals, doing clothes washing, keeping the boys clean, these are all things I do anyway, but I normally work on a command and obey basis. If I get asked I do it I do it. That's not to say I am not proactive it's just that Tracy is a lot more methodical than I am, she does lists!!

Who does lists?


Like tonight I washed my childrens hair, put the conditioner in Ellis' and then forgot to wash it out, I thought you just left it in...

The dog pooed in the kitchen this morning, I forgot to let him out before I went to bed. Thats a nice thing to wake up to.

Forgot to water all the plants in the garden this week, three look like they may be beyond repair.

Forgot to buy any razors yesterday, now I have stubble, I may just shave with a blunt one.

Maybe I should write a list, at least for this week.

When Tracy is away I sleep on her side of the bed, it makes me feel closer to her, I also sleep with the light on, I'm not frightened of the dark, just like light.

Well at least there are 3 other adults living with us so it shouldn't be to bad. Mornings will be okay as Ellis is good at getting everything together.

I hope you all have a good week, I'll probably blog loads.

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