Friday, December 01, 2006

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week, we have been getting our 24-7 ibiza website sorted and I have also had loads of work with the school and a lot of meetings with individuals.

We managed to sort out 24-7Ibiza cigarette lighters this week, they will have our logo on them and the phrase "Jesus light of the world" it should be cool when people ask us for a light which happens loads. We will be kind and give them a lighter.

Anyway. I'll get back into blogging next week.

What do you think of the site ?


Boys Town said...

first things first...where can we get some o' those lighters? seriously, i was talking to my friend the other day about the lighters - we love it. secondly...when are you guys coming to boys town? we'd love to have you here whenever you feel like making the long journey to mexico. mi casa es su casa! you guys are constantly in my heart and prayers - keep up the good work. many blessings and lots of love from mexico,

Sheena said...

the lighters are soooo funny! thank God for ministry that doesn't take itself too seriously.

the website looks good!

dave wiggins said...

Good site people. There was a dodgy photo of you on a big screen in City Church Belfast on Fri night Brian. I think you shoul update it to one of your new sexy tanned blue sky snaps.

linda said...

overall it's fine - aclear and self explanatory site - perhaps you could do something about the text? I found it a bit small and wordy

mimosa said...

It's really cool, very clear all the important stuff easily found and did I already say very clearly put? And said. I liked it. I liked the words you used! I think you pinned it! shows your heart. God Bless you guys. I'm using the story of 1200 people EVERYWHERE when I speak of 24-7 :-)

God Bless ya guys!

mimosa said...

Yeh I meant with 1200 the story you told at the ILG. Coulda said "by the way.."