Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Island life

So, we got woken up this morning by our youngest son who fell down the stairs! he was okay. Then we noticed that water was dripping on to our bed and that our roof was leaking, they have had problems with the seal, but now we have had to move rooms and it won't get fixed until it stops raining.

Last week Tracy's mother was rushed into hospital with a suspected heart attack, thankfully it wasn't and she has had to undergo tests and be put on medication to combat the problems. Unforunatley that means they will be unable to travel out to see us after Christmas and due to the family trauma and stress we need to go back for a few days, so on the 28th, unexpectedly, we are off to England for 6 days, primarily to see Tracy's mother.

Had a few people who live here recently question the validity of what we do, they felt that maybe we should leave the West End well alone. I think there is a general opinion that The West End gives the rest of Ibiza a very bad name, this is true. Ibiza is a beautiful place but our work doesn't draw attention to the beauty, we tend to draw attention to the darker side of what happens here. So if you live and work here this is not how you want the island portrayed. In all honesty it's not how I want the island portrayed, but what can we do?

I always talk about Ibiza in a positive light, I love it, but we can't ignore the messiness. I do know people who live here and the most they have seen of the west end is by watching sky TV! but then that could be true of anywhere, I used to live near Norwich which on a Friday night, just like any other city in Britain, turned into a pretty wild place. But I never went there.

I am not here to make friends with everyone or be a tourist rep for the island, yes I want to be liked, but the place where we work is not pleasant and yes I love it.


Alain Emerson said...

Brian, just wanted to let you know that I thinking about you and the family at this time. reading your blogs I feel in a similiar place as you at the will try to stand with you and pray for fresh faith, hope and the greatest of all...

Kirk Bartha said...

seems to be a heart thing going around the saints these days. praying for all of your hearts over this season. may they all beat as one.

miriam said...

I think, to have a boiler room in the middle of the west end, and to have you around´s a blessing and a light shinning that God can multiply and we can see fruit. We dream with it and God is supporting you.