Monday, December 18, 2006

It's a big world

create your own visited country map

This is an interesting little thing I got from Pete Wards Blog

At the minute between Tracy and myself we have only visited 24 countries and scored 10%, so we have a load still to do.

Countries I would like to visit are: Iceland, Uruguay, Argentina, Mongolia, New Zealand, Tanzania, Mexico, Namibia, Maldives, Israel and the Sahara Desert (I know its not a country).

Favourite places I have been to:

1. New York: it's a great city loads of energy.
2. Prague: absolutely beautiful, romantic and cheap!
3. Tunisia: we had our honeymoon there, possibly a little to hot for a honeymoon!
4. Cuba: one of the only places I could keep going back to, snorkelling with my sons was the most fun. Great cigars....
5. Vancouver: Whistler etc, really enjoyed a brief visit and would love to take the family snowboarding there.
6. Kenya: I hate Kenya and then I love Kenya, weird....
7. Ireland: I could move my family here and live forever in Belfast (maybe that is weirder)
8. England: Especially Norfolk, don't think I would want to live there again, but a beautiful to visit.
9. France: Food, Wine, Cheese.
10. Ibiza.........


Brian Heasley said...

Why is my map so big?

Anonymous said...

Brian you have missed the most fascinating part of the world - Turkey and Central Asia!

Eric said...

We are moving to Iceland in 2007 to open a boiler room. So you will have a reason to visit now :-)

Brian Heasley said...

honestly Eric, that would just be the coolest thing

jenelle said...

you haven't been to Portugal??? are you mad?

Brian Heasley said...

I figured we would visit Portugal when we were old