Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Prostitutes and witches

Let me introduce you to two very fine blogs that you may not have seen.

The first is by a lady called Kelly Greene. Kelly moved out to a place called Boystown in Mexico, which is basically a walled area that is used for prostitution. many people travel there just for the weekend from America just to pay for sex. I think it is a small de-regulated zone? Anyway Kelly went there two years ago to pray and walk around the town, she ended up staying and now shares life with the girls, in what she would class as one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Check it out Boystown add it to your favourites and links and if you are the praying kind, please, please pray for her.

The second is by a guy called Phil Wyman, Phil is establishing a community in Salem USA, a major hot spot for witches, pagans and the like. Have you ever seen the movie Salems Lot? Well in this hotbed of dark spirituality Phil works. He has recently been kicked out of his denomination for making friends with witches. When his denomination asked why would he be making friends with witches? his response was, as a christian why wouldn't he.

Another one for you praying types, check him out support him. Phil Wyman ladies and gentlemen king of a man.

I hope these blogs will enhance your blogging experience.


Pastor Phil said...

Brian, you humble me, and blow my mind. I'm impressed by your life in Ibiza. We'll have start a mutual admiration society.


Andy Fay said...

Pastor Phil rules.

jenelle said...

very thankful for the introduction, brian. I especially like people who get kicked out of church for loving like Jesus.