Thursday, February 15, 2007


I am off to Washington today, I will be there for 5 days. I am speaking at a conference called Awaken the Dawn It should be fun. Looking at the weather forecast on the BBC website it will be very cold.

Thursday:Day -5°C,Night -9°C, Friday:Day -4°C,Night -8°C Saturday:Day 1°C,Night -4°C

I will be speaking a few times about 24-7 prayer and hopefully bringing a bit of a challenge. These days I only really have a few things to say, although I can take hours to say them. Probably going to chat about Intimacy and Involvement, How to survive as a christian in the real world, wrestling with God and being a donkey! If you have ever heard me preach you will have heard me talk on these things before. It's not that I haven't got any new stuff, it's just that I have a few life messages that seem to carry a bit of weight when I bring them.

I would value your prayers.

Whilst I am away the Anglican Bishop of Europe will be visiting Ibiza, so Tracy and the team will be showing him our prayer room and talking with him about what we get up to. He's not coming specifically to see us, we have just managed to blag a meeting with him. The Bishop of Europe is primarily the Bishop of Gibraltar, which is weird.

I fly: Ibiza to Madrid, Madrid to New York then New York to Washington, it will take me 15 hours.

All I can say is that I am hoping to make new friends and connect with people.


Adrian Eagleson said...

have a great time when you are over there and remember to pack socks! i recall having to drive you round bangor last time to buy some since you had forgot them!

Nick Ashman said...

Wish i had parts of your life!! Have a great time, rest in God's strength and be yourself because you are a man of God that God is using most powerfully. Will be praying for you in those inhumain temps!!

Boys Town said...

boo for cold weather! mexico has nice weather - you (and your team) should come here. :)

dave wiggins said...

have fun brian, wrap up warm