Tuesday, March 27, 2007

2 Years

Today we celebrate the fact that we have lived in Ibiza exactly 2 years!! Time flies!!!

I has been an amazing roller coaster ride, bringing me closer to my wife, closer to my children and closer to my God.

When we arrived there were just us four, now we have 5 more, we have an office a permanent prayer room, a great community house, lots of visitors, teams working in the summer and easter, friends in the community, responsibilities in the normal world, and so much more..

Sometimes it feel slow, but when I look back I see how far we have come.

I can speak more Spanish now than I ever imagined, it's not enough, but better than when I arrived.

The journey will continue until God tells us to stop, thanks for sticking with us for reading this blog and helping us to know there are people behind us.

For the future we would like to see some more things happen, here's a list!!!!

1. Spanish people to join us permanently, obvious reasons.
2. German people to join us, we like Germans.
3. More English speaking people to come and be with us.

Could this be you????

4. A Minibus, for teams and drunks!
5. To own a house that we could use as a centre and build accomadation for our community.
6. To have a coffee shop that was open all year around.
7. To develop a training course, that we could run here.
8. For me to lose 8 kilos (sorry had to slip that in)
9. To develop a way of connecting up people who are involved in club culture globally (you've got to have a few big dreams)
10. Kingdom come here on Ibiza as it is in Heaven

I could go on, but tonight I am going to have a beer and celebrate.


Carla said...

Wow, two years! You guys are doing an absolutely amazing job. I shall have a beer in celebration with you tonight. Love to one and all xc

Ivonne said...

Well, first of all, feliz aniversario! Pioneer work in a foreign missionary context ain't easy and, from what I read, you, Tracy and the kids are doing a grand job! Praise God for what he has done, for what he is doing and for what I have great expectation he will do!!!
I join with you in prayer and believe that God will grant all of your heart's desires..though,what's the thing with the Germans - sure it is not Italians you want!?!
Also, if it is not too cheeky to ask, I would love to come and visit (I can speak a little Spanish, understand it very well, and have done quite a bit of missionary work) - if you fancy some help,give us a shout! ;-)

J-Mac said...

Drink deep mate...you deserve it! I'd love to get your take on the 'rich Christian' that I'm blogging about...seeing as you are a person who gave up much to serve God.

dave wiggins said...

you never lived in edenbeg? haha emmm ... i think it's the same place, now called drumbeg and meadowbrook estates in Craigavon. Mainly nationalist, i when i say mainly ... i mean completely.

lisa said...

Congratulations and well done!

Boys Town said...

"The Lord will send rain at the proper time from his rich treasury in the heavens and will bless all the work that you do. You will lend to many nations, but you will never need to borrow from them [except maybe borrowing people from germany or spain]." Deut 28:12 NLT

We're with you guys Brian! We'll drink a Corona in honor of Team Ibiza tonight!


J-Mac said...

Cheers...I'd love to get out sometime! Adrian asked me about a team this year but it wasn't working so I persuaded my brother Mike instead. I think you and him will get on great!

Ian Coates said...

Blimey Brian, I can;t believe it's been so long since you left. Time really does fly.

Anonymous said...

Whats up with drinking beer - surely thats not a good example to your 'drunks'as you put it, also its not necessary - think you should spend some time with your God and less time drinking.. It sounds like the blind leading the blind .

Jenelle said...

I think it's sad when critics post anonymously.

Brian I want to come work in your coffee shoppe one summer.

Love your lists, mate.