Saturday, March 24, 2007

Understanding People

Having a great time with Allan Cox from
New Community Southampton he's on the leadership of the church with Billy Kennedy it's a great church. Allan is responsible for pastoral care and he has been doing a training weekend with us on understanding people, my head is spinning it has been very indepth and we are really benefitting from his training and insights.

What I don't understand about people is bloggers who don't reference their material, I think if you find something that you post you should at least tell others were you found it, this is blogging etiquette. Although Alan isn't covering this subject!

Don't worry I won't name names but you are out there...... I have done it myself in the past, but was shown this is a mercenary way to operate. In dry times I have preached from books but never referred to them, you soon get caught out.

There is no line on original thought, but if it wasn't your thought please tell us where you got it from.

I will post a deeper post when I finish the course, took Alan out for a fantastic meal tonight, beautiful steak and salad, there were 4 of us; 2 bottles of house red plus starter and main meals with water, bread and ali oli, 54 euros, fantastic.


Rupert Ward said...

I've heard Allan do that stuff ... it is really great teaching. Glad you are having a good time with Allan - he comes here to Edinburgh a few times a year, and has been incredibly helpful with our leadership team.
Don't manage to take him out for a meal for £35 for 4 people!

Brian Hume said...

I agree wholeheartedly regarding the issue of acknowledging the source of ideas that do not originate with the blogger. Granted to some degree it is impossible because there are so many sermons, mentors, books, blogs, etc., that have influenced our spiritual growth in the Lord. However, when possible we should seek to honor others by acknowledging how they have contributed to our lives. It is an issue of integrity. Pride seeks to exalt self – especially, if we’re tempted to make a name for ourselves in blogosphere. Blessings!

Mimo said...

Thanks for the church link, I read with eagerness!