Saturday, May 12, 2007

Air Conditioned World

I have just had the air conditioning on my car fixed. Which is great as the last couple of days the temerpatures have got up to 29 degrees.

I was driving along in my car today with my sun glasses on and the air con blasting and I got to thinking about how we protect ourselves from our environment. My glasses keep out the sun and my aircon modifies the temperature.

Can we go through life like this, with out ever trult experiencing it? Or experiencing an artificil type of life.

I wonder if sometimes I spend a lot time waiting to live, when really I am living. Do we only truly live in hindsight. When it's happening it doesn't seem like a big deal or even just a precusor to the real event, that will happen one day!

I wonder if we get to our 80's and think I spent so much time waiting to live I actually forgot to enjoy it as I went along.

Maybe I need to switch the air con off, take my sunglasses off and enjoy the ride more. But then I would get sweaty and smell, the sun could get in my eyes and I could crash! The journey would be uncomfortable.

I don't know maybe fear and comfort hold us back from truly living?

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