Thursday, May 10, 2007

Last night I went out onto the westend of San Antonio with Becky, we walked around for a couple of hours talking and connecting with the many workers who have now arrived. It was a good night and for me a real reminder of why I am here. This is it, this is what I am born for and right now this is where I was born to be.

Everyone has so much energy in May but by August a tiredness creeps in as many of the guys we work with try to live the party lifestyle and keep a job! Right now whilst it's not busy they get to know us and see that we are here and when it starts to get tough they will know that are here for them. We have been talking to one girl who works in the british fish and chips shop, not good as I can't help but buy a pucka pie while we are in there. her car is broken she wants us to pray that she can find a good new cheap one. We are praying, and also we now get workers discount on the pies...

Tracy and Becky went out the night before and one of the guys who we had saw last year, saw these two small ladies walking up the road and he went and hid in the pub until they passed. Wierd. They also provoked a strange reaction from a Jewish bouncer, possibly because he is still waiting for the Messiah and they claimed to know Him.

This year I feel that being here again and they all know we were here last year, we are making a statement, a prophetic one, that is "we won't go away" that we are here, we love this place, we will keep walking these streets, keep showing Gods love, because Christ himself is a relentless pursuer, He gives up on no one, He won't go away.

The computers arrive on Tuesday so by the end of next week our free internet for workers room will be up and running.

A sandwich board is a two sided board that stands outside our rooms pointing people in the right direction to get in.


Carlos said...

I still need to see a pic of the sandwich board cos I still can't figure out what it is and what it looks like :(

Karen said...

Hooray! I'm very excited about the outreach you are giving yourselves to. And nice sandwich board. For some reason I can imagine one of those workers, who has an artistic flare, stopping by to do a drawing-a-day just for fun... and that daily drawing actually "drawing" ppl right to you. Hmmm... that would be cool, eh?