Thursday, June 07, 2007


Okay, I am here in Guildford, hanging out with the 24-7 international team, it's good fun but also very challenging. The team are Pete Greig, Jon Peterson,Lisa Borden, Carla Harding, Andy Freeman,Billy Kennedy, Ian Nicholson and Pete Worthington who is not here due to illness.

Had a great night at Petes and then I had to take his youngest son to school this morning, which took me back I havn't stood in an English school playground for years, I felt a bit weird as I din't know anyone, so just stood looking like Norman no mates whilst Danny played waiting for the bell. It all went well.

I've bought the car, woo hoo!!!!!! getting new tyres today, I am so excited and grateful, can't wait to get back. Picking Alan up on Saturday then driving to France in the afternoon, bombing down to Barcelona and catching the Sunday night ferry to Ibiza.

This is so cool, God is very good.

I will post a picture soon as i take one.

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Ivonne said...

Hey Brian, I haven't been stalking your blog for a know moving back to the homeland and all..I have just noticed that pretty much the whole of the Heasley family has got a blog (even your dad?!?!) - I think you should convince Tracy to get one too!!! By the way, God's Good Indeed! Happy for you (and the car)