Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The guys met to pray yesterday at 1.30pm, I was out on a school trip, when 10 minutes in they got a knock on the door there were two people who were having a little problem communicating with their bank in England, they just needed a space to make a phone call, they had no money. It turned out that one of their friends works in a place called temptations and had told them to come and see us because she knew we would help.

Temptations is a lap dancing bar.

So later that night a couple of our team gave one of the workers one of our little welcome bags, bible, CD etc... she set it down outside the bar and a drunk guy stumbled towards it, picked it up and puked in it!!!!! She was furious with him, we got her another bag.

Later Tracy and Becky went into Temptations and gave them 12 bags with bibles etc..., they then sat in there for about 20 minutes, were given free drinks and just quietly prayed in the place, when they came out Tracy had a chat with the Spanish owner, nothing great happened but doors are gently opening in this whole area. We just want to be kind to these people.

The guys helped another guy home last night, but his friend was really all over the show, one minute chilled the next aggressive, he called two of our girls f**king S**ts, but we plod on, expressing kindness and mercy.

We pray that we are cleansed of these negative words when so much good is happening.

Thanks for all your comments on community and mercy my own thoughts continue to develop maybe community is formed in prayer and mission, it needs to exist for something other than itself?

By the way I love Salvador Dali his painting Temptation of Saint Anthony, is a beautiful piece if you want to know a little more about it read this


Pastor Phil said...

I love Dali too, and I love your stories of ministry and life.

Mark Robins said...

"Though I could be anyone's, I will be YOURS, for you are KIND to me" Acts of kindness will win through, and that's what you're seeing, Brian. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

People who don't believe are living all around you and may say that you are doing worng, live such good lives that they may see the good that you are doing and praise God on the day he returns.. 1Peter 2 v 14

Sorry in an abstract way I think that is an apt verse, Brian, by living in Ibiza you are surrounded with overpowering secular influences yet you perservere and remain under influence of God as opposed to the worldly influences. I think the work your team and you have been doing is AMAZING! so keep on living out loud for God!!! Be the miracle you want to see in Ibiza, keep being God's witnesses out there!!!!

linda said...

I praise God for you guys...