Monday, June 04, 2007

Okay, I have listened to it and I think I did okay check out my Sunday talk at My Talk

I am insecure so would love to hear what you think?


Mark Robins said...

Hey Brian,
Actually being there makes my opinion the most important and I thought it was excellent - even inspired me to write a song for you - Ill send you the link tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

love the stories
love your honesty
love your passion

your accent does intersting things as you talk though, sometimes it norfolk, sometimes it sounds more london or posh! he he he


Dan King said...

Simple message ... it starts on our knees with prayer. Before the action comes prayer. Thanks for posting it. Thanks for your faithfulness man!

Oh, and I see the book you and Carla (?) wrote is finally coming out - been waiting a long time - very cool!



Tanya Heasley said...

Honestly Brian, I saw how long it was and thought I'm not going to listen to all that, but once it was on I actually sat through the whole 38 minutes.

I've never felt so many emotions in a short space of time as I did listening to that. I laughed and cried during it and thought you painted the exact picture of what it's like there.

Also, I love you're honesty, it shows your true humanity.

Kirk Bartha said...

Just listening now...

as I read:

see if I can do both at once without getting a migraine :)'re mentioning MDMA just now Ecstasy. Did you know it was formulated in 1912 to alleviate obesity? And they discoverd its psychatropic side effects and shelved it... It's called ADAM, penicillin for the soul.

Anyway, back to DATA and you...

You are now talking about in and out... intimacy and involvement... The key idea of the OT is "Come and See (Temple)" - then the NT is "Go and Tell (back to cosmos)"... I like you using the word "breathing"... good stuff.

Ok, back to reading DATA and listening to you...

"offering kindness" - quoting Romans... kindness leading to repentance, love, service... offering it to others..." very good!

"I want to outlive my mother!" wow.

"Spiderman cried.. the weak one" hillarious.

"West African drug dealers... educating our children a lot sooner than we thought." Yep. Interesting to hear as I'm reading about past G8 undone promises to Africa.

grace and truth and condoms :)


Before the action comes prayer.
The body is weak (depression).
Not my will, but your will.

God saying, "Not your will but MY will be done." OBEDIENCE. Huge!

Rise and Go. "You could a done 'em!" DIGNITY. PERSONHOOD.

brokenesss, pain.. we are the answer. Postion ourselves. Blessed beyone measure. How then shall we live? On our knees. Intimate involved people...

Tim Hughes, God of Justice. Bang on! Tim actually understands LAMENT. Worship amidst the tension of suffering!

well done brother. Love you more and more. And praying for your boys off and on daily at 4:00-4:30 p.m. local time here in the mountains of Canada.

john heasley said...

very real and true, honest, emotional, thanks Brian, played it at work,

Ben said...

We haven't had any code reds since you've been gone - I think they're awaiting your return!