Friday, June 01, 2007

Woo Hoo, I got a phone call this afternoon and it was a friend who wanted to give us 5000 pounds towards the car, so basically with 2250 that has already been promised and given. We are in, sorted, blessed, encouraged and chuffed to bits. 7 grand in 7 days, to God be the Glory.

I am down the west end now, stories over the last few days have been two horrible or personal to talk about on the internet, but it has been mental here. Please keep praying.

It´s getting busier, and I am now off to England for 8 days, speaking in Bristol and Southampton on Sunday, hanging out with my friend Billy which will be so cool. Then at a leaders thing for a few days were the Bishop Graham Cray will be talking, and a few more days having a 24-7prayer international leadership team meeting.

Then hopefully if all goes well, I will drive the people carrier to ibiza next saturday. My friend Alan Emerson is coming out for a few days so I have blagged him in to doing the drive with me if it all comes off! We´ll be fine mincing about France.

I´ll try and blog this week as it could be interesting.

I am overwhelmed by the grace and provision of God and to all you guys who have pressed the button, thank you.

To God be the Glory


lisa said...

This is fantastic news! Really, really great.

See you soon!

Mel Reynolds said...

Awesome Brian, so chuffed for you guys.

Tanya Heasley said...

It's great to read about good news.

There are some wonderful God driven and blessed people out there.

Ian Coates said...

Excellent stuff Brian, but I am concerned about the 'mincing in France' comment!

Brian Francis Hume said...

It is ALWAYS good to hear of such great things that God is doing in your midst!

A Horse named Neil said...


You should probably add "mincing" to your list of words like "grooming" and "skimming" that don't quite sound right anymore :-)

Diane said...

Fantastic! Just think of all the stuff u can take home with you as well - double bonus!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! that is so great! Can't belive we were only talking about "how great would it be if..." last week!!! Can't wait to ride in it...9 weeks to go!!!Love Rach x

Jenelle said...

Man, Jesus must really love you.