Thursday, July 19, 2007

Was out and about last night, just Helen and myself. I still felt ill so we only went out from 12 - 3am, although we walked around for 2.5 hours.

Talked to bar owner, who told me he had never had a bible, so I was able to give him one, he seemed to really appreciate it. Once again thanks Paul Buff we then met a guy who wanted to chat about the God he didn't believe in! We had quite a long chat and then he also took a bible and promised he would give it a read. As he walked away he shouted "I hope there is some dirty stuff in this!" hopefully he'll keep reading to find some and the book may just impact his life.

We then came across this!!!!!! (Helen took a quick snap)

There was a guy just over from this little mess, kneeling over a bollard, puking so hard his nose was bleeding. We watched him for a while, gave him tissues and water. Then we just knelt with him trying to persuade him to let us take him back to his hotel, he wanted to sleep on the beach, but people get robbed on the beach here. He finally said we could take him back, Helen had rubber gloves in her bag so cleared up the mess whilst I went and got the vehicle. I got back, some of his friends had turned up they were very helpful, we got him back to the hotel and sorted into the recovery position, he will have a sore head as he had drank about 15 vodkas!!!

We're thinking about getting the photo turned into a postcard with "Wish you where here" on it.

We then went for a coke at Hogans, which is just outside Temptations lap dancing bar, the girls parade around on the balcony, it's hard no to stare. I'm surprised by how many ladies and couples go into Temptations. Whats that all about?

I don't know about the whole anonymous thing on blogs, don't want to stop freedom of expression, but as alamedero said most comments are from registered users, I might give it a go.


alamedero said...

Hey Brian -

alamedero is my (Jonah) name on

I believe in freedom of expression too, but I think you should honestly have to stand by what you say. Otherwise, this guy is just annoying people and then running away and hiding.

Expression should lead to discussion, not a cacophony of voices in disagreement. If anonymous users are allowed, then there can be no discussion, just interjection. In my opinion, that's dysfunctional.

Tanya Heasley said...

I love the 'wish you were here', postcard idea.

Don't shut out anonymous users. They are expressing their opinions/comments and are probebly hiding behind anonymous because they want what they say to be accepted (whether positive or negative).

I think shuting out anonymous users is being unaccepting of other peoples expressions.

Even though we don't know who they are, I still want know their opinions.

alamedero said...

Hey Tanya,

I appreciate that we want to hear their opinions but, as I said in my comment on the other post, those comments have got to be more than just interjections.

Saying things like "Get a grip Brian how could God be a part of a night club sure you can marvel at the beauty of his creation but giving your heart and body and soul to Him must be the first step." or "keep your things in the dark please. i just don't get all this crap talk... " is just disruptive, antagonistic and annoying.

I'm all for being unaccepting of people's expressions when they are abiblical and anti-Jesus. That doesn't mean that I lack respect for that person or their views, but that doesn't mean that I accept those views. And even less when that person has so little value for the discussion that they can't even leave their names with their "expression".

Mr. Anonymous would still be able to express his opinion, he'd just have to stand by his comments. No one's freedom of speech or expression would be violated or limited in any way.

Just my 2 cents.

Tanya Heasley said...

Thanks Alamedero for showing me a different angle, but I stand firm on allowing anonymous' to express their opinions/comments even though they are interjections with no real substance to a discussion.

I use to be anti-Bible and anti-Jesus and my experiance of Christians who were intolerable of my opinions/comments added to my reluctance to accept Christianity.

Sure, some comments these anon. folks throw in are annoying, but I, other people and some Christians I know can, and do, say some stupid things too.

I agree with what you've said about not accepting negative comments about Jesus, this rivals me too, but these people are probably ignorant, and to deny the opportunity for them to write their comments on blogs, is, in my opinion, dismissive of their feelings and also pointless.

These people could be searching for love and acceptance. Lets embrace that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are fine if constructive but things like "Get a grip" are just a dig, not a constructive discussion. If your going to leave a comment that is really just a dig that you haven't got the balls to put your name to then don't do it. It's cheap and weak.

From anonymous.

alamedero said...

Hey again!

I don't think that asking people to put their name to their opinions, expressions or views is being intolerant?!?

I think its just asking people to have manners. If this weren't a virtual conversation, I can guarantee you that Mr. Anonymous would not be someone that we conversed with. What he is doing is something akin to a random person walking up to you on the street with a mask on, shouting a load of random stuff at you, and then running away. That person's manners are completely out of order and carrying on a conversation with them while they are behaving in such a manner is well nigh impossible.

I've been anti-jesus and anti-Bible for most of my life and I can tell you that if I had behaved as Mr. Anonymous is behaving, I'd want someone to give me a slap upside the head and tell me that I needed to behave and stand by what I say.

The most annoying thing is that from the content of his comments, it would seem that Mr. Anonymous would consider himself a Christian. hmmmmm....

Again, I'm not saying that we shouldn't be tolerant or that Mr. Anon should go away. I am saying that he should stand by his interjections and defend them.

Brian said...

i like what you are saying Jonah, I am totally with you, thanks for your comments, freedom of speech is valid when the speaker is willing to put there name to what they have said. I read a beautiful dialogue on another blog by a girl who was a lesbian, she shared openly and graciously but remained anonymous that was okay, it's the one were people want to have a pop that get to me. Anyway cheers Jonah.

alamedero said...


I have all the time in the world for people that actually want to dialogue and share thoughtful opinions.

Good call on putting in moderated comments.

Tanya Heasley said...

'Give me a slap upside of my head', that made laugh, thanks.

I totally agree Alamedero, but we have hyjacked Brian's blog for conversing when really it's meant for commenting on his posts, and what I'm trying to say is let anons comment, even if what they say is random? offensive? annoying?

I'm am comfortable with myself to accept criticism from others, as I'm sure Brian is too. Shame anons. can't say the same thing otherwise they would put their name forward.

Back on coversing, maybe you should set up an open discussion forum site in addition to your blog, Brian.

mimosa lankinen said...

I agree with Tanya on the discussion forum, since you tend to get us to discuss with each other!! :-) Btw about the card, i love it that you guys are so radical and crazy!! Hehe!!! :-)

dave wiggins said...

get that card done up