Monday, July 09, 2007

We'll I am back, refreshed and energized, it was a little difficult not having my mobile or laptop for a couple of days, but I soon settled in to a good place. Totally enjoyed it, we went canoing twice, horse riding, high ropes, vilo rail, played frisbee, boule and watched Wimbledon.

We also celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary whilst away, had a very nice bottle of pink Moet Chandon!

On our last day I was lying in bed, when a fly kept landing on my face, in my half awake state i kept trying to swat it off, then a phrase popped into my head. "he's like a lion not a fly" I felt this was a very clear reference to 1 Peter 5: 8 Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Just got to thinking about how we sometimes can underestimate the badness of the devil it made me feel a little uneasy. Then about 20 minutes later I heard a scraping noise outside our window so I went and pulled back the curtains, out side pecking on the glass were two black crows, they instantly flew off.

So we got up and went on a 12 kilometre canoe journey, it was pretty wild because it had been raining, safe but wild. We had life jackets and crash helmets on.

Along the river Ellis said to me "look at those two crows!" I had a weird feeling...

We then came to a tight rapid, not dangerous, but Ellis and I misjudged the current and got pinned against a rock, this was okay as you just shimmy about and get yourself sorted but as were doing this Tracy and Dan came a little early in their canoe and hit us. They capsized and Tracy got dragged under the canoes by the current and Dan got washed down the river. Tracy couldn't get up the current was pinning her under. Dan was screaming as he got washed away. Ellis was now clinging to the rock. There was no-one about. It was horrific. I lifted the canoe of Tracy she managed to swim to Dan, and they got to the shore. I told Ellis to swim for the shore but he said "I love you I'm not going to leave you" so he climbed around on my back and then into our canoe and I pushed us to shore. In the end we were all safe but it was horrible, we got home and all seemed well. But I was overcome with a real sense that this had been something thrown in to rob us of our rest. I went to bed that night and I don't do this often, but I sobbed. In the end I could only get to sleep by saying "JESUS" over and over in my mind.

The incident didn't rob us of our rest, but it reminded me of the spiritual intensity of what we are involved in. I need to raise my game be self controlled and alert.

The devil is not a Lion, he is like a lion, there is only one lion, the lion of Judah, bright morning star, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is the victor but I mustn't be complacent.


Tanya Heasley said...

Gasp! Shock! and Horror! come to my mind whilst reading that. I am sooo truly thankful that you are all safe.

Brian Francis Hume said...

I'm glad to hear that everybody is alright. Definitely a frightening experience—yet, I appreciate so much your heart in seeking the Lord in the midst of this. It reminds me of a friend’s experience of almost losing his life while swimming in the ocean. The currents kept taking him further out from the shore. Finally after hours he was able to get back to the shore. Initially he collapsed on the beach exhausted and broken. He was so close to death. Thankfully he survived and it was an experience that drew him closer to the Lord.

dave wiggins said...

that's scary man. it's good to be reminded that the devil is prowling. glad you're all safe and apart from that had a relaxing time. when you talk to emo next, ask him about our white water rafting down the nile, funny story.

Karen said...

Lord Jesus! That's intense. I'm so glad you are all safe and can definitely see God's hand protecting! Phew! You must being doing something quite bothersome for the dark world to be coming around like that, eh?

Otherwise, your trip was good?

lisa said...

Brian and fam, very thankful that you are all ok. Yes, the devil is only "like" a lion, and a very pale comparison at that. One LION only, the Lion of Judah! Hurrah! Sending love from East Africa.

Mark Robins said...

Very sharp intake of breath!! "I love you I'm not going to leave you" - that brings a lump to your throat :-O

jaypee said...


I love you too and think you are a great legend. Serious big lad.

My wife (Cathy) told me to read this cos I was leading worship at Summer Madness on the 8th July with a song called 'The Troubles are Over' in front of a 5000 strong Northern Irish get the significance of the title!? I felt God gave me the words for the tune to acknowledge what he has done here and what He has yet to do. the song provokes a reaction...and a couple of people had 'encouraged' me not to play it.

during the tune...a wee (wee rather big) black fly kept coming a sitting on me arm and really distracting me. of course i couldnt swat it away cos i was playing the guitar! then it came and sat on my face. at one point i nearly swallowed it while singing!

it was a weird experience and i kinda felt as if Satan was trying to distract and frustrate me. so i shut my eyes, ignored it and kept focused on the song.

we've had a great response to it since.

i dont like flies.

hope you're well fella.

Johnny P