Friday, August 31, 2007

We met someone who had been kicked out of church for a mistake they had made when they were young. Tracy was able to talk with them and she actually gave the person a bible and chatted with them about this verse :

"God didn't go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again." John 3: 17 The Message

I find it sad how we meet people who have a love for God and genuine desire for spirituality but have been put off by the church.

What is also very interesting is at the beginning of this summer there was a little stir about us giving out condoms and in the midst of that I think we almost lost the fact that we were giving out bibles. The most popular thing this summer has been the bibles, we have people ask for them in the street, people find them easy to read, like the design and genuinely appear up for reading some of it.

One PR has asked if we can get him an old testament and another told us he found the message version a bit to simplistic and asked if we could we give him a different translation, which we did.

We have had PR's say to us in the street, "Why has everyone else got a bible except me?" almost hurt that they have been missed out.....

I have been surprised how well they have worked.


Karenkool said...

I love it, Brian! It makes me so happy when I read about the hunger for God that's being created through your outreach on the street.

Donuts said...

I read somewhere that Gandhi wanted to become a christian until he met one. So sad. What you are doing is far more christ like than unforgiving, finger pointing, unteachable, ungracious, unmerciful, religious people who think they know the answers and think that God is a vengeful, unloving dictator who is out to get you and gloats over your failures. That is what the devil is like. Sadly a lot of so called christians operate this way.

john heasley said...

I sometimes feel in a conversation that i am trying to work it round to God, rather than just getting in there with God. There is this fallacy going around that people do not want to know, when the truth is, as soon as you mention His name, things happen, I really saw this when I was visiting, ta.

linda said...

wow - that really excites me - more than anything I love giving people Bibles. I remember you talking about this before summer - I am really glad it worked so well.