Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's time to take a blog holiday, I want to rest a bit for a month so I won't be posting again until November 12th. If you're the praying kind pray that I get properly rested, I am going to do some gardening and house decorating. There are 342 posts on this blog check out my back catalogue and as far as I know most people on the links will be still active.

We have our 24-7prayer leaders gathering in Seville in two weeks time, people from throughout the movement gather to share stories, inspire one another and look at the direction we are being taken in the future.

I don't know if I have already said this, but I help out with 24-7 Ireland, we will be having a time of commissioning for a new team in

Dublin Friday 26th October and Lurgan Saturday 27th October

Please come along I would love to see you there. We are recognising all that has been happening through 24-7prayer in Ireland and bringing a bit of definition. Hopefully you can read the flier.

It's time to raise up a team to champion the cause, we'll be doing it in October.

I am also speaking at Emmanuel Church Lurgan on the morning 28th October and CFC Strandtown, Belfast in the evening 28th.

Please pray for Ireland and 24-7prayer.

I'm off for a rest now, see you back on this blog November 12th, keep the faith.


JILL said...

Eeeeeyo - CFC on the 28th. Looking forward to hearing you again.

Enjoy the rest!

Kris Goudie said...

I think that I'm getting there. Really trying hard and trying my best to focus on whats right. Im sure the weather is very similar to here.. Grey, dull and wet! although yours is short term. Look forward to coming over in the next couple months. Ill let you know when im thinking about coming. Take it easy! and enjoy ur relaxation period. cheers man

mimou said...

Hey Brian, I'm a Finn living in Glasgow these days! Sadly can't make it to Sevilla, but some other Finnish friends will be there! -M-

Brian Francis Hume said...


I hope you're enjoying your sabbath rest from blogging! Get your hands on some good reading on the Moravians. I think there are some fresh morsels of truth and insights that the Lord desires you to glean from their example for the season that you are embarking upon.

I heard that Pete Grieg is coming back to Fredericksburg for the Awaken the Dawn conference!

Hey...make sure you don't forget your deordorant when you leave for your next trip!

You are a blessing to us!

Brian & Aneta

Anonymous said...

looking forward to your return to the blogsphere with much anticipation. hope you're getting well rested big lad.

J-Mac said...

Yeah but I got him back as 'jimi thing'!!

Twas good to meet ya!