Wednesday, December 05, 2007

“the fields are ripe unto harvest… pray to God for labourers…”

I want to send out an urgent call for workers to come to the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. I am asking you to stand with us as we ask the Lord for ten people who will give three years of their lives to help us reap the harvest on this beautiful, messed-up island. Ibiza is one of the high places of culture, world renowned for its beautiful beaches and idyllic lifestyle but also for its hedonism.

We are caring for the poor. We are praying. We are making a difference. And we are dreaming of training schools and counselling services and discipleship courses and of making this place famous for the way it disseminated a sparkling new Jesus culture to the ends of the earth. The fields are white in Ibiza – the white isle - the potential for our mission is massive, but we desperately need re-enforcements – labourers for the fields – to join us here.

“Who can I send? Who will go?” (Isaiah)

For the last 3 year here in Ibiza we have been building a very successful missions base; our work in the west end of San Antonio enables us to bring Christ to so many different people, through prayer, kindness and availability. Our summers here are very intense - 24 weeks of street work and connection with many people who don’t know Jesus.

However one of the main aims of 24-7 here on the island of Ibiza is that we build a long term permanent year round community on the island. There are approximately 120,000 people living here all year round who need Jesus. Ibiza is a different island to the rest of Spain and comprises Spanish, British and German residents with a fair smattering of other people groups; it is truly a very international island.

The rhythm of Ibiza is one of an intense summer season with most people working 7 days a week for 6 – 7 months and then living a very chilled out winter season. This makes it a unique but also challenging environment to work.

10 People

With all this in mind, we are looking to recruit 10 people to come to the island and commit to being here for both summer and winter, for at least 2 – 3 years. These people would be coming to build church here on the island, a vibrant energetic creative community engaged with a passion in taking the gospel to the residents of Ibiza.


We are looking for proactive people who are able to work and function independently, with the ability to make friends and connect with people in a non-programmed way.


We are looking for determined, hard working people who are able to push themselves through tiredness and heat, who can stay motivated and keep going even when it gets tough.


Ideally we would love creative people; people with musical and artistic ability. As we seek to put on a weekly service for the people of the island, we need imaginative people who can come up with relevant ideas and the ability to implement them. As a community we specifically need a guitarist, a DJ and someone who can work on websites. We would also love an older couple who would come and be like parent figures to all the teams, maybe a couple who want to take early retirement and live somewhere different doing something radical for Jesus.

Hard Working

All applicants must have a willingness to work on the streets and have good people skills. They need to be committed to a regular rhythm of community prayer. It would really help if they liked clubbing and dance music, as this is a huge attraction for visitors to the island. Obviously this may be different for the older couple!

Willing to learn Spanish

Ibiza is a Spanish island; the ability to speak Spanish would be a considerable help in doing the normal practical things of life. In relation to our summer mission work, Spanish is less important so we would take people who would make a commitment to learn Spanish whilst on the island.


Due to the work rhythms of Ibiza we are looking for people who are able to come with at least £800 of regular monthly support per person. Tourism drives the economy in Ibiza so jobs are scarce in the winter months. In the summer, the jobs in tourism involve long hours, making it impossible to have a job and be fully involved with the mission work in the west end.

Really what it boils down to is that if we are going to take the work of 24-7 Ibiza any further here on the island we need personnel. We need passionate, committed individuals, couples and families who are willing to come and make the dream of a permanent community here on the island a reality.

Our Ideal people

Heart for the lost
Financially supported
Spiritually mature
Hard working

People who will live for a valid expression of the body of Christ here in Ibiza:
Church planters

Could this be you or someone you know?


Rachel said...

Hey Brian, Just wanted to encourage you by saying that I have felt a massive call to pray for Go to send workers to Ibiza to join your community in the last few weeks and am doing so.

Love you all lots xxxx

Tanya Heasley said...

I really do pray that God's Spirit is moving people to have faith in action and to come and help you guys.

God bless who ever they are, and you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, do u have a timescale in mind? Would you like them in place for next summer? Laura x

ilongforain said...

it could be me...