Monday, March 31, 2008

It's always a worry with blogs; that you can allow them to become overly personal. I try hard to not really let my mood affect how I blog although sometimes I think it's good to blog if you're angry about something.

 I think my annoyance with the 3 specific things I mentioned about God TV turned into a massive over generalisation. I should have stuck to the point, although I do wonder if a little theological regulation would work? I doubt in reality that this is possible, the church finds it hard to agree with itself at the best of times.

It's not really a climb down, just tempering my anger. God TV still sucks in my eyes, but I hear you John.

The pastor thing is something that is specific to me and really me just working out my own hurt and frustration. Yet once again I don't think you could do a biblical study of the role of pastor and come up with a very strong argument for the model we see outworked in many churches today. I'm sorry if I was offensive to pastors wives.

I haven't been sleeping, got a few aches and pains that are playing on my mind. I am also on a diet so low blood sugar in the morning hasn't helped either.

I also haven't got too much time on my hands, in fact I am pleasantly busy. Ibiza is an island with a population of 120,000 people all year round so there's plenty to be getting on with. There is a whole load of stuff I do that I can't blog about primarily because it is relational and long term. To me it is just as exciting as the summer, although not as hectic or adrenalin fueled. 

I am also stressed about my lack of understanding as to how a semi colon works, but that is quite a minor irritation.

This whole money thing is also playing on my mind, I have had to do a little repenting about trying to fix God's problems for him! Also the exchange rate is pants; most of our support comes in pounds we were getting 1.50 euro to the pound in the summer that is now closer to 1.25. This means my rent has increased considerably etc... 

As with most stress it is never one thing, just a combination of them all.

Okay so this was personal, I will try to regain balance over the next few weeks.

Thanks for your patience and kindness.


Alana said...

I think it happens to all bloggers at some time or another. One of the downfalls of the immediacy of the medium.

I will pray for the money issue and also the distressing semicolon issue.


Nick Ashman said...

Hi Brian, been a while! I know you and your heart; I wasn't offended by your words and both my parents are vicars!

I agree on the stress point, I've had an awful few weeks, loads of things piling on masses of anger, pain and frustration. All we can do at these times is cling to the cross and push through.

Keep going mate, your and inspiration to me and bring hope to so many others through your work in Ibiza!

kiwipaddy said...

do you really want to know about semi-colons? yes, it is pretty sad that I know the answer.

the thing we like most about your blog is that it is real and personal ... in whatever shape, form or rant that comes.

EilĂ­s said...

please don't back off on your thoughts or black-and-whiteness, Brian. it's Biblically clear we are meant to share our lives and needs with our family of believers. it allows you a medium to share with people who are physically outside your situation and yet in it spiritually with you. your posts give those of us away from you a few thoughts on your life and a chance to pray intentionally and specifically.

john heasley said...

I like the photo. I like the questions you throw up, doesn't mean we are going to agree, its good to be having the conversations others may ignore.

J-Mac said...

Don't apologise for making people think.

Not sure about the 'Pastor' thing. The whole structure of a church service or Christian meeting anywhere you go now is 5 songs led by acoustic guitar (3 fast and 2 slow) followed by a 40 minute talk. I don't read about the early church meetings in the bible being like that, so is it unbiblical? I don't know.

I agree with every word you say about GOD TV. They are scum bags preying on the sick and vulnerable. Check out this website for the Benny Hinn video I was telling you about. Warning- it may make you put your fist through the computer screen!

sam mooney said...

hey brian forget the sorrys say it how it is. You are right on both posts. the God TV is way off and as for the pastor thing you know you're right. keep it coming big man.

Anonymous said...

For your peace of mind and increased grammatical knowledge, the semi-colon has two uses:

1) In lists where the items listed are longer than a few words
e.g. Please bring with you a torch in working condition; a tent big enough to house registered campers; your passport, valid for at least 2 years; etc. etc.

2) In a sentence with two complete clauses (and no linking words)
e.g. I decided not to go out; it was raining. (because = missing linking word)

I hope this helps and in some small way may increase the Kingdom ;-)

Love, Beth A

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sam, you're right on both posts. Your posts are challenging and thought provoking but need to be said.

Karenkool said...

Thanks you Beth A. for the semi-colon info. Let's not forget it's usage for the winking smiley face ;-). It's best use, for sure.

And about the other stuff, Brian... I think you should just be yourself on your own blog and go ahead an offend when you have a sticky opinion to share. Honestly, there are a lot of Christians around the bloggy world that need to freakin lighten up!!! Not speaking of anyone here, mind you... just in general. I don't know why so many Christians feel the need to correct other people's thinking when there is a differing view point, as if their opinion is the right opinion and anyone who sees it differently is wrong.

That's my two cents. Hang in there with the finances, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I like your thoughts. I don't necesarily agree, but that's ok, it's a blog, I don't have to read it if I don't want to.
I like that someone is actually provoking thought about the crap stuff. Cheers.
Semi-colons are overrated.