Tuesday, March 18, 2008


My brain has shut down been trying to meditate and get into a listening zone with God.

How do you hear God in fact how good are you at listening in general?

Someone once told me that the number one leadership skill is listening, I agree.

I have to try hard to listen, I am not good at passive listening. I find that if I stop my mind runs all over the place, I meditate and get deeper thoughts when active, I think better pacing around the kitchen or working on a wall or painting.

You know how it goes you get still and try to tune into creator God, and then you start to think about dinner, the jobs you haven't done, the car needs cleaning, I really must cut my toenails, must do some emails, need to raise some money, I want a red zip up hoody, etc... these thoughts don't come in any order or in some form of linear pattern they just pepper our brains like tiny explosions randomly going off.

It's not just when I try to meditate; this happens in any type of meeting or when I am having a deep conversation with my wife or in a spanish lesson. I just zone out. I have perfected looking interested, which I genuinely am, although a lot of the time the lights are on and there is no one home.

I'm staring, nodding, keeping eye contact and looking attentive when the reality is that I have gone to a beach in Cuba, I am lying on a sun lounger two huge men are fanning me with giant palm leaves, a beautician gives me a pedicure and I am sipping a 21 year old Lagavulin distillers malt. Dolphins leap around and my children play in the sea. Tracy belly dances before me in a grass skirt, there's a large screen TV behind her with football on, I am watching a replay of the time I played for N.ireland and we won the world cup. All this is happening whilst U2 play elevator music gently in the background. Is this just me.....

Please if you ever do meet me and chat with me, I am listening.

Maybe I need to learn some mind control techniques then I would listen better and pick up the whispers of God easier.

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mimou said...

Haha you are funny Brian. I enjoyed this post. Just got back from Mallorca, where I was WORKING - doing some cultural heritage research. (Thank you for your prayers by the way, we had +19/20C and sunshine and blue sky all week, as did you in Ibiza too=?) Mallorca was gorgeous and BEAUTIFUL, so I want to come to Ibiza next!! ..And do the same thing?? Hunt down some cultural heritage.. What's local there? How many "original" Ibizan people are there in there? Are there any? Blessings and a Blessed Easter especially! Mimosa