Friday, April 04, 2008

Cowboy boots and technorati

How does tecnorati work? 

What about stumpleupon and diggit, should I have those things in the corner of my blog anywhere?

Does anybody ever go in charity shops or thrift stores? I am willing to pay money to anyone who could find me a decent cheap pair of cowboy boots? 

I know it's strange but I want a pair to go with my suit......I also fancy myself wearing them with shorts in the summer.

I am UK size 10, I know I have mentioned this before but my quest is now starting to frustrate me, I bid for a pair on ebay but they quickly got out of my limited price range. I'm feeling that charity shops are now the only way forward. 

When Helen was in germany this Christmas she got a pair in a charity shop, so I know they are out there. By the way you should check out Helen's blog for some cool photos of all we do here.

We have no decent charity shops in Ibiza!


Tanya Heasley said...

Yee Ha Brian! Does it matter what colour?

hel-ann said...

oh please don't wear cowboy boots with shorts.

sam mooney said...

Good blog - i have a pair (Hugo Boss), dree doesn't like them she says i'm have a mid life crisis! Go for it.

Brian said...

Any colour is good Tanya!

Sam I want to see a photo of you with the boots and swimming trunks, nothing else! That could sound weird!

sam mooney said...

no problem - speedos sound good to you?

Sheena said...

I'll keep my eyes open when I hit the Goodwill shop. This being the US it's not unlikely I'll find some. What is a UK size 10 in US sizing?

This just reaffirms that you need to open your own Ibiza charity shop!

Mark Robins said...

If colour doesn't matter - how about:

Hutch meister said...

oh! a 24-7 ibiza charity shop would be a great idea! charity shops are so trendy, it'l be perfect for san an. You should get someone to check tk max for a cheap pair of good cowboy boots.

Good luck xo

Carlos said...

pick a pair!

I like the pair that comes with the head of a cobra on the tip!!

Brian said...

Mark not to sure about the blue! Carlos that link wouldn't open?

TK Max would be good.

By the way a UK 10 is a USA 11