Monday, April 07, 2008

Pregnancy Test

I have to do a pregnancy test today!

One of the thing we will be offering this year to workers is free pregnancy tests. We aren't imagining that we will do many but it is something that could really help.

We have Caroline Kennedy with us doing two days of training, Caroline works for Care Confidential A great organisation that deals with pregnancy and post abortion support.

The reason I have to do a pregnancy test is so that I know how it all works. I am pretty sure I am not pregnant.

We are looking at Sexually Transmitted Diseases and other interesting things.

Primarily we will be a point of contact and a signpost to the appropriate organisations. We will be a pregnancy testing and support service.

According to The Nursing Times 50% of people aged 18 - 35  will come to Ibiza and have sex with someone they have never met before!

We are hoping this whole area will grow over the next few years.

Any way I am off to pee in a cup.......


Mark Robins said...

What was the result, what was the result??

Anonymous said...

You're hoping that "this whole area will grow over the next few years". To more than 50%? Christianity has changed!

Brian said...

Mark, sorry the test was negative.

Anon, sorry that doesn't read well!!! I hope the whole information and advice thing grows in all honesty I would love to be able to have a pregnancy and post abortion advice centre in San An, that was staffed all year round and could appeal to Spanish as well as English workers.

Tanya Heasley said...

Did you feel nervous taking a pregnancy test? I bet you're glad it was negative.

I think having an information and advice service and a pregnancy and post abortion advice centre in San An is a great idea.

I would love to be part of that, God willing!

If not, I look forward to watching it develop.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian

You might already have something in place, but it might be good to provide resources and information for workers who experience sexual assault, and/or intimate partner violence. Here's a spanish website that has resources, and a helpline. Its based in Madrid but they may have something local.

Crys (I met you in Vancouver and read your blog from time to time. It's great that you are providing these services to workers)

Brian said...

Hi Crys, hope vancouver is good this time of year! Yes we are going to offer a helpline around this whole area, there is a great one in the UK we can use but we were also investigating a link for Spain so what you have sent is great. Thank You