Thursday, April 17, 2008

Things I am curious about?

A little list:

I am curious about people, I find them interesting, complex, funny, inspiring and annoying all at the same time.

I am curious as to how anyone can put a human in a box and try to define them, I think this is impossible.

I am curious about Ibiza, sometimes you feel you're living in Europe and other times it's like living in Africa especially when it comes to dealing with any administrative body, actually it is easier to get a vehicle registered in Kenya then Ibiza!

I am curious as to why women, when told they are looking tired and pale, don't just say "I am having my period"

I am curious as to how the message of Jesus doesn't have more impact, probably the fault of the messengers not Jesus.

I am curious as to why anyone would want to wear fake tan.

I am curious about men who wear thongs, I tried Tracy's once it hurt and I felt like I had a permanent wedgy.

I am curious about South America, don't know why but I have always liked the sound of Monte Video and love the fact that prison break is in Panama.

I am curious about celebrity fragrances.

I am curious about the ear hair that has started to grow out of my ears, what's that all about? If i cut it will it grow back and get bushy?

I am curious about my ego, I know I have one, why do I feel the need to continually feed it?

I am curious about how I will dress when I am old? When do you start choosing things just for comfort?

I am curious about why on earth I would want to own a Rolex, but I do.

I am curious about God, you never seem to fully understand Him.

I am curious as to why I find Britney Spears attractive.

Anyway just a list feel free to try and answer any of these complex and deep questions......


Chris said...

I shave my ear hair every week or at least when I remember....the joys of being 40. Nasal hair has also become a problem. Plus strange long eyebrow hair. And a few grey chest hairs.


Anonymous said...

this post reminds me alot of the song Affirmation by Savage Garden.......

john heasley said...

I am now worried that I am going to get ear hair.
It should be obvious about Britney.

Dave Carrol said...

I'm also curious about the male thong

But not curious enough to ask .. ha

GoldDigger said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha this post made me laugh!!!

Donuts said...

The hair thing? I heard someone once say that when you get older it stops growing out the top of your head and grows through it out of ure ears and nose (and in my case everywhere except my head!) . This for me is sadly true. The one place I want it to grow, i.e. my head, is the one place it won't!
Fake tan is for British people who can't live in sunny places because the weather here is so ****
Do the celebrity fragrances actually smell of those ecelebrities?
You want a Rolex? I want a Porsche. Impractical, noisy, uneconomical, expensive, but I'd still like to have one.
Britney Spears?...she's gorgeous! Mixed up but gorgeous!

charlotte said...

bri! love your blog, always entertaining and thought provoking :) have started to blog more myself now - perhaps you could add me to your little list ;) C