Thursday, May 22, 2008


I once heard someone say "If you want to have quality time with someone you need to have quantity time" the quality happens when you give someone or something a good quantity of time.

I feel this for our work in the west end, a lot of what we do here we give a large quantity of time and then we get some quality time. Nothing happens instantly everything we do that is on a relational level takes time.

You know when you read someone's biography, they give you the highlights of their lives. You don't here of the boring years, months or days. You get the highlights which leave you with the impression their lives where terribly exciting. They had exciting incidents but most of their lives were pretty mundane.

Even reading the book of Acts in the Bible about the early church, you get the highlights. Peter and John walked up to the temple to pray and stopped to heal a cripple. It doesn't talk about the previous day when they just went up to the temple to pray and nothing happened! They never mention the days when apostle Paul just got up made a few tents, had a few meals and then went to bed.

Anyway, it's been another quiet night but we continue to put in the quantity time knowing the quality will come. I'm sure there will eventually be some highlights.


dave wiggins said...

yes, good post. i often think about the disciples and Jesus having ordinary days where they went for walks, ate some food and took a pee behind some bushes.

Hannah said...

Hey, I have an idea for you.

There is a saying that to get someone to fall in love with you you should initially spend loads of time with them. Always be around and be cheery. Then, all of a sudden, don't show up. Leave it for a couple of weeks so everyone misses you and finally comes to check on you.

You'll have them coming into the centre in droves and they'll be putty in your hands!