Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm in Gatwick on my way to Belfast.

basically I want to come home to Ibiza I just heard a flight called for Ibiza it felt weird to be traveling somewhere else.

Just got my emails, so much work and so little time.

Hopefully as part of my new diet I will drink Guinness this evening.

Sailed from Hythe to The Isle of Wight yesterday, 20 knot winds made it slightly scary.

Found a charity shop in Cowes, bought a pink golfing jumper, I don't play golf. It was a lovely Lyle and Scott lambs wool number feels good against the skin.

Okay speak soon

Real blogging will be back soon


Alana said...

Great to finally meet you on Sunday. I really appreciate all you said about settling and your heart for Ibiza.

I misspoke when I said how many hits my Ibiza post had. It's 1800. Hope lots of those people making their way to you and are challenged!

Anonymous said...

"Hopefully as part of my new diet I will drink Guinness this evening".

"When I walk to the end of my road, I come to a sunset bar called Khumaras it’s a great place, chilled out music loads of local people, great drinks".

6. "Red wine is essential, I found this little native Catalunya wine Masia Perelada a mixture of Grenache and Tempranillo grapes, rustic and cheap, but at 13.5% it did the job".

"It ended up us all heading down the pub for a great meal and another diet Guinness".

"Last night I had a chicken tandori kebab, it was beautiful Tandori chicken wrapped up in a nan bread with salad and kebab sauce...... we had a Guinness to go with it".

"I love Guinness, potatoes and bread"
(this post actually had a big picture on the heading of Guinness), what message does that send out?

"Just bought some cigars"!

I put these on as they are all quotes from posts of yours over the last few months, i cant help but reply and be annoyed at them, now dont get me wrong im not perfect, i make mistakes and sin but to me this whole alcohol thing isnt a mistake and seems to be the latest cool trend to be doing, do you not think these things you have been saying send out a wrong message to people, what kind of example does it set as a christian, the part that really gets me is where you say about the wine at 13.5% done the job" , what job is that? get you tipsy, drunk, feeling good, how is this right?

There is far too much of this going on in church today and in christian circles, it has almost become the norm, i dont understand it and it makes me so angry.