Monday, May 05, 2008

Yesterday was great, the football was fantastic, basically Southampton had to win if they had any chance of staying in the championship. They won 3-2 it was such an incredible game if you where a neutral like me, poor old billy had to go and lie down in a darkened room when we got home.

I was at a great community in the morning called Astor house, a fantastic bunch of people who are predominantly from one council estate called the Flowers estate. It was messy but loads of fun.

I spoke at new community southampton in the evening and that seemed to go down quite well. I think my talk will be online soon at the community talks link at the top of my blog.

My friend Mark presented me with a wonderful pair of Black Hand Made Mexican Cowboy Boots!!!!! I like them can't wait to post a photo of them on this blog.

Today is bank holiday Monday, we are having a barbecue, it's Billy's birthday and Yes it's raining...

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