Thursday, June 26, 2008

Further prostitutal developments

One of our team members chris had this experience last night, I copied it from his blog

"I left the prayer room feeling really tired, not very excited not really very inspired.
I was with Amanda (one of the American team...thank God for her and Red bull) We prayed God would lead us to the dark places! Let our light shine etc! So as we walked we walked past a group of Prostitutes. WE said Hello but there was only glances and looks back. It is something the 24/7 team has been praying about for so long! Never been sure how to approach the situation! So as we walked past i HEARD from god, liker a voice at the back of my head saying "Chris, stop being a wimp, stop walking around & over the things i have put in your path" So i said to Amanda we gotta go and just sit with those girls, so we walked back and just sat on the bench beside them as they spoke to each other in Nigerian. I was a little nervous, not feeling well, not confident.....just not myself really. I was thinking about Jesus, what would he do in this situation? I was asking him for his strength, his wisdom, his confidence! Suddenly out of my control i turned to them..

"excuse me....can i talk to you guys for a while?"

That was it! door opened, they gathered round all smiles and wonder, i told them about who we are what we did and asked about them, where they are from,their names, and had the opportunity to be and truthfully and just tell them they are beautiful! there are!

I asked them what they wanted prayer for?

"love, good lives, happiness" It broke my heart because as they said than one of the other girls came out of a photo booth followed by a man pulling up his zip. She then came over and introduced herself, we prayed together! I Prayed that no matter what happens in their lives they know God is their father, their lover, their best friend! It was truly God last night!"

then Dave and another lady called Kim bumped into some more prostitutes they had a great chat and offered to pray with one girl at this point the girl said "The name I told you is not my real name" she then told them her real name and Dave said to her "That's a beautiful name" just that phrase really moved me it was like the voice of God to her.

This developing well without us paying for anybodies time, and we are very grateful for how natural it all seems. The journey continues.......


Dave Carrol said...


One of things I love about the streets and prayer is that it ends up being a story that God walks you down.

Last summer we stood across the street from a neighborhood crack house flipping burgers.... God had begun to birth in me that we should get into the house somehow for a few weeks. I said it out loud one night ... momemts later, the door opened and the residents came scuttling across the road asking for burgers.

when they were done... I brought the food over to their place. It was a cool cool night.

Just awesome that when God births something in our spirits... if we agree with it.. He'll do it!

Great story guys!

john heasley said...

Without sounding cheesy, I was really touched reading that, very real.

Hannah said...

3.9%:Estimated percentage of adult Nigerians (ages 15-49) living with HIV/AIDS by the end of 2005

62%: Estimated percentage of HIV cases that occured among Nigerian women (ages 15-49) by the end of 2005

To be honest, my concerns are not with the prostitutes. They are not mainly with the men who use their services. They are with the women these men sleep with after using the prostitutes.

Converting the prostitutes to a good life will not eradicate prostitution in San Antonio. It won't even eradicate Nigerian prostitutes. One drops out another one arrives.

The best way to stop these women from being prostitutes is to remove demand for their services, given getting to the pimps is probably life threatening.

Have you thought about briefly warning all young men about the high propensity of HIV amongst Nigerian women? According to the statistics above, Nigerian women have around a one in twenty chance of having HIV (but of course Nigerian female prostitutes will be even more likely). That's a hard hitting statistic to spread around.

There was a problem in Tenerife with transexual prostitutes pretending to be women. Word soon got out though amongst the unsuspecting young male holiday makers!

I think you should be putting the fear of God into the hearts and pants of young men rather than the love of God into the women who are putting people's lives at risk. Doing the former may well sort out the latter anyway.

jenelle said...

I think that it is the kindness of God leads us to repentance. I'm glad you're doing what you're doing. This excerpt was beautiful.