Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm sitting here in our centre, I've just bought everybody doughnuts, they went down well. Finally the sun is out it's been really rainy here for the last few weeks but now it feels like summer.

Has anyone read The Shack? Am I the only one who found it a bit depressing, meandering and in all honesty slightly boring?
I would rather read Robert Ludlum!

Andrew Jones has written a nice piece on it a few months ago, read it Here

Anyway I am reading Michael Frosts Exiles or should I say rereading it, I have found this a profoundly challenging book. I like the whole concept of the third place, I am sitting in a third place right now.


Lauren & Mick Newman said...

He he, I recently read Phil Togwell's thoughts on The Shack on his blog & he loved it :)
Anyway, enjoy your current book!

Lisa said...

yep... liked a lot of what the shack had to say, but had a hard time getting through it... not so much depressing, but definitely a bit wandering and boring at moments.

jude said...

With you on both I think.. The Shack: its not Bunyan... but has some little gems.. Exiles- grand!