Monday, July 14, 2008

Condoms and CD's

We've run out of condoms and CD's to put in our welcome bags, has anyone got a hundred or so of either lying around that they would like to donate to 24-7 Ibiza?

We just need some nice music CD's we gave away a drum and base Cd, people loved it.

Also we need a fair amount of condoms, all shapes, sizes and flavours welcome, we have given other a 1000 away over the last 2 summers. You may think that is just a drop in the ocean and actually it is, but it matters to some people.

We are keen that people don't have unwanted pregnancies and don't catch sexually transmitted diseases. Believe me if people are going to have sex they will, if they have a condom handy they are more likely to use it.

Anyway if you know of any freebies let me know, just for your info I will be contacting government agencies in Spain and the UK, but it could take a while so if you have about 1000 spare please get in touch.

People love our welcome bags, if you're in Ibiza and you haven't had one pop in and we will sort you out.

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