Thursday, July 03, 2008

The team where out last night and had a great time. The only italian speaker on our team managed to sit down next to guy who only spoke Italian, amongst the 1000's of holiday makers here that is totally random but fantastic.

We prayed with various people and helped other. It never ceases to amaze me how open people are. The team prayed before they walked out on the street that they could help the broken hearted. They then met someone who had recently suffered a bereavement who really wanted prayer so they prayed for them on the street. Once again they prayed with the prostitues one took out a hankerchief and covered her head whilst they prayed.

We also picked up a young guy on the streets covered in vomit, it was great to get him looked at in the hospital and take him home later, he was okay just overwhelmed by the large measures that are served here.

We also found a girls friends who was lost and managed to take 3 guys back to their hotel who had taken khetamine. Sometimes people just want you to walk them back be cause they have lost their friends and are a bit nervous we are happy to do that.

Just need to think about where we are going with the room. It's going really well and has a lot of use 30 plus people a day, I'm thinking we do a few wii tournaments maybe even DJ lessons.

We have have 3 new team members this week which is great because it really is very busy now.

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