Friday, August 29, 2008

Ibiza Teams

Our final team comes on Sunday, this will be the 7th group of people who have to come to help us this summer. We will have had 58 people come and help us with our work this year plus another 8 people who came for longer than 2 weeks.

There is so much you can do when throughout the summer you have 66 people working and contributing to all we do. I can honestly say that we have had no major problems with the teams. For some it can be a bit disturbing but it would worry me if people didn't get disturbed. 
It's a natural reaction to feel a bit icky about get puke or blood on you. It can also be a bit disturbing when people on pills touch you and are a little inappropriate!

A few of our team members witnessed a guy in the street swinging his willy about!

We have seen the good and bad side of the police, how they help people, but also how they beat people!

13 of our last 18 weeks have been filled with teams and they truly enhance all we do. We have probably got about 7 or 8 weeks left of this season. September and October are definitely more chilled giving us more time for conversation which we love.

The centre has been truly fantastic this year with at least 20 people a day dropping in to use it.
We are tired but not in a drained sort of way more in the way of having worked hard and feeling that the work is worth it, the boys go back to school next week which makes it a lot more challenging for Tracy and I.

There is another step in our work here, one that will prove our biggest challenge yet, I'll write about it over the weekend.


Ben said...

Well done! We love you and miss you tremendously...

JILL BOYD said...

Can you believe the summer is over. Sounds like your having an awesome time in the thick of it.