Thursday, October 02, 2008

My top tens

My top ten late night whiskey drinking, cigar smoking, laying back and chilling songs:

Lynyrd Skynyrd = Freebird
Jeff Buckley = Hallelujah
Bob Dylan = Forever Young
U2 = Hawkmoon 269
Lou Reed = Walk on the wild side
The Beatles = Hey Jude
Joan Armatrading = Love and affection
Pink Floyd = Wish you where here
Foy Vance - Gabriel and the vagabond
Johnny Cash = Hurt

My top ten wake up feeling good songs, obviously this doesn't happen if I have had a night listening to the previous list!

Nina Simone = Feeling good
The Beatles = Here comes the sun
Lionel Richie = Easy
Labi Siffre = So strong
Talking Heads = Once in a life time
Eminem = Lose yourself
U2 = Beautiful day
Willy Mason = Oxygen
Frank Sinatra = For once in my life
Simple minds = Ghost dancing

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