Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Please don't fly away

I have found it harder than usual to get over my jet lag, normally I am fine, but it is only this morning where I have felt completely over it. So I got out and about with my camera, to take some snaps of my home town.

Went for a walk along the Bay after dropping the boys off for their lift to school and took a few photos. I fell over at one point which was a pain, we all know it but green slimy rocks are slippy, I was obviously half asleep but the photo below was worth it!

It was so hard creeping up on the seagull sometimes I feel it's a bit like this with God. I know it shouldn't be but there are occasions that when we feel we are getting close to seeing Him and knowing Him better then He moves away.

Or maybe it's us?

I heard a great quote "For us the challenge is always circumstance, for God the challenge is always character"


Tanya Heasley said...

I'm loving your photographs, another great talent of yours.

Also, to get over jet lag try doing what Bruce Willis does in Die Hard, walk on carpet in bear feet. However, since you don't have carpet I'm sure a bath mat or something similer would work.

Cate said...

Not over the jet lag? oh no! It must mean your body wishes you were back in beautiful canada. LOL You would hate it now - freezing!!
Love the pics!
Love that quote - too true! My Mom is always saying this to me these days, arg!