Sunday, December 14, 2008


Today is my 600th post I've enjoyed blogging these last few years, I have had ups and downs.

Trying to work out a style, and feeling my way through various conflicts that I think most bloggers have.

Questions like: Is this boring? Am I being to personal? Is it to religious? Do people get frustrated with my bad grammar?

I am happy getting a few comments and love anonymous comments especially when they are negative!

A few times I have come close to giving it up, but at this present time I am happy with my blog.

I live on a beautiful island, have a great job, get to to travel and have some great experiences which gives me plenty to write about. I'm learning a new language, slowly, and have met some really interesting people. Blogging has even given me loads of new friends and contacts it's been great over the last few years to meet people who have read my blog, at first it's a little disconcerting as they tend to know more about me than I do them. I remember getting picked up from an airport and my driver asking me how my piles were doing? At first I just thought they were terribly perceptive and could tell by the way I gingerly edged on to my car seat, but then I realised they had read the blog!!! but I am comfortable in my own skin and comfortable with my blog.

Thanks for reading.............


kiwipaddy said...


love the photo ... especially as we are reading this in ireland: grey, freezing, rainy old ireland!

thanks for the encouragement for the winter months ahead ... roll on Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr/May ... what week is summer in again?

Mr. Moo said...

Thanks for sharing :)

john heasley said...

How are the piles?