Thursday, December 11, 2008

Farming to do list

Thank you for all your encouraging comments about yesterdays news. I guess now is the time for the rubber to hit the road, jobs need doing and stuff needs organising. I am feeling chilled at the moment but am aware that this is Spain and there will be moments ahead when life becomes a little frustrating.

You can check out some more pics on Helen's Blog.

Some minor things I need to sort out straight away are:

a 4 x 4 vehicle and an old pick up truck!

I need to get the beautiful alloys rims on our vomit van replaced with more normal and robust tires!

Got to source a large woodburner...

We're going to start with chickens, so need to swot up on that.

Got a field of potatoes to plant.

Need to buy some orange trees.

Have to find a suitable guard dog for the premises, big, good with people but who will bark at uninvited guests...

Have to pray that our existing land lady doesn't play funny games with our deposit.

Need to source a swimming pool

A mini Tractor or a hardcore rotivator

A chain saw, and other assorted power tools.....

I need a wax coat and some wellington boots

Got a field of onions, garlic and peppers to plant

Got to get it all connected to the internet, so I can blog from the farm

I need 25,000 euros, got any spare change this Christmas?

most of all got to ensure that my boys are okay in all of this and that we preserve our cohesion as a family unit whilst living in a community house.....


crazy daisy said...

it's so great!!!

what about tom as a guard dog... ;-) ???

john heasley said...

Wax jacket, wellingtons and potatoes, what an interesting picture.

Anonymous said...

It all sounds beautiful and so exciting! Have fun as you labour for your dream to take shape...


Mark G said...

Can I place the first olive oil order? And maybe a few olives stuffed with almonds marinated in lemon juice? Could be a few interesting items from ibiza in the next auction!